Are eco-friendly detergents effectively at cleaning your laundry?

“Q. If they’re free of harsh ingredients like synthetic surfactants, are eco-friendly detergents effective cleaners?

A. Instead of relying on synthetic ingredients to wash away dirt and grime, eco-friendly formulas utilize plant-based components to clean clothing. If a label lists surfactants as an ingredient, worry not, there are a variety of plant-based ingredients — coconut, for example — that act as surfactants and are capable of ridding garments of stains.

Q. Are there other ways to reduce my environmental impact while doing laundry?

A. Absolutely. Are your laundry room appliances energy-efficient? Check that they’re Energy Star certified and use them mindfully. Use cold water when washing clothes and use your dryer sparingly, since it produces a hefty amount of CO2.”

Read more about eco-friendly detergents here.

If you’re concerned about the environment and would like to use such detergents, there are several options available. Obviously, you want to do your part by helping the environment but you also need to have your laundry efficiently cleaned. It makes no sense if you need to used extended wash cycles to get the job done.

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