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The history and evolution of dry cleaning

"It’s a captivating story. Back in 1825, a careless maid in the employ of one Jean-Baptiste Jolly knocked over a turpentine lamp, spilling the liquid onto a stained tablecloth. Apparently, Jolly was a frugal man: turpentine, a liquid obtained by the distillation of pine tree resin, was a cheap alternative to whale oil, the common fuel for lamps. While Jolly may have been thrifty, he was astute. He noted that the stains vanished where the kerosene had soaked through the fabric. And at that moment the dry cleaning industry was born! At least so goes the possibly apocryphal tale. What is known is that Jolly was the first to provide “dry cleaning” at his “Teinturerie Jolly” in Paris, bathing fabrics that would normally not stand up well to water in turpentine. “Dry cleaning” is only “dry” in the sense that no water is used. Although Jolly is commonly credited with...
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Customers of closed dry cleaning business wondering how to reclaim their garments

"Carol Rowley dropped off 10 sweaters at Amy's Green Dry Cleaning a week ago. When she went to pick them up on Monday, the store at 2608 S. Timberline Road was closed. She went again on Tuesday. The store was still locked up tight. Rowley drove to Amy's Green Dry Cleaning on Harmony Road. A note on that door said the cleaner had moved operations and directed her back to the shuttered Timberline store. "I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do next," Rowley told the Coloradoan. The five cashmere sweaters and five others she left at the cleaner's are worth about $1,000, she said." Read about this story here. This isn't the first time a dry cleaning business has shuttered it's doors without notifying customers. It's a terrifying thought to realize that the hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of clothes you sent...
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Dry cleaning business previously fined for violations accused of contamination risk

"School officials are seeking information about whether a dry cleaning business recently punished by the state Department of Environmental Protection for various violations might have created a contamination risk at the next-door Gates Lane School of International Studies. White & Brite Cleaners, located yards away from the elementary school at 1256 Main St., was fined nearly $84,000 by the state agency last month for committing air quality, hazardous waste and waste site cleanup infractions, some of which also impacted a house on the property, according to the DEP." Read more on this story here. Unfortunately, in order to cut costs, some dry cleaning companies take the easy way of disposing and handling harmful chemicals. Based on the previous fines, it appears that this particular company might be doing just that. The fact that they are also in close proximately to a school is especially alarming. Here at My Pilgrim Cleaners, we take...
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