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Summer months make for extremely hot conditions for working at the dry cleaners

""They sit there and they perspire; We've had many employees work here a little while and then say 'Nope. not for me'-- even though they’re asked 'Can you stand hot heat?’” Those temperatures also affect business: "Right now, it’s been one of the worst. We use cool water to use our dry cleaning machine, and of course when it’s hot out, the water’s not as cool as it has to be. So, it creates problems in that way to get the product out,” said Corella." Read more on this story here. That's the nature of our business. The machines we use generate a lot of heat which is made worse by mother nature. When it there's a heatwave sweeping across the U.S., there is no relief to turn to for dry cleaners. We just have to stick it out and suck it up! Thankfully, our customers don't have to endure...
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Woman holds up dry cleaning business with a sword

"A Cary woman is behind bars and charged with robbing a dry cleaning business with a sword, according to a Wake County Magistrate’s Order. Chloe Marie Martinez, 23, is charged with one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon after police say she robbed Kwon’s Crescent Commons Dry Cleaners on Tuesday. The store is located off Kildaire Farm Road in the Walmart and Harris Teeter shopping center. According to court documents, Martinez went into the store with an 18-inch sword where she then robbed the store and threatened the life of the employee." Read more on this story here. While the robber's choice of weapon is indeed strange, the situation is no laughing matter. Thankfully, this woman was quickly apprehended and will face charges of armed robbery. It was estimated that she stole a total of $150. We bet she is seriously regretting this decision now. At My Pilgrim Cleaners, we...
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The history and evolution of dry cleaning

"It’s a captivating story. Back in 1825, a careless maid in the employ of one Jean-Baptiste Jolly knocked over a turpentine lamp, spilling the liquid onto a stained tablecloth. Apparently, Jolly was a frugal man: turpentine, a liquid obtained by the distillation of pine tree resin, was a cheap alternative to whale oil, the common fuel for lamps. While Jolly may have been thrifty, he was astute. He noted that the stains vanished where the kerosene had soaked through the fabric. And at that moment the dry cleaning industry was born! At least so goes the possibly apocryphal tale. What is known is that Jolly was the first to provide “dry cleaning” at his “Teinturerie Jolly” in Paris, bathing fabrics that would normally not stand up well to water in turpentine. “Dry cleaning” is only “dry” in the sense that no water is used. Although Jolly is commonly credited with...
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