Business is slowing down, but we’re still here for your dry cleaning needs!

“A Terre Haute dry cleaner reports a decrease in demand for services. Laundromats and dry cleaners are considered essential businesses. Courtesy Cleaning Centers in Terre Haute have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Courtesy Cleaners employee Pat Bennett says he’s glad to have remained open.

“We were lucky that we were deemed essential, because people need clean clothes, regardless of what’s going on in the world,” said Bennett.

As folks work from home, dry cleaning has declined.

“Dry cleaning did drop off pretty significantly, pretty suddenly, but they changed the production hours. it used to be we’d have things ready the next day. Now, it’s every other day we’ll run the plant, so there’s an amount of things built up, so we can give the employees’ hours.””

Read more on this story here.

Like many other businesses, the dry cleaning industry has been impacted greatly by COVID-19. As an essential business, we’re grateful to be able to still serve our customers. However, we are taking this pandemic very seriously and have several policies enacted to reduce and eliminate the transmission of this virus. This includes contactless pick-up and drop-off.

Our Priority Express Bag program is a great choice for those who want convenience and safety when it comes to cleaning their clothes. Check out our blog post which details these new policies or call us at (612) 861-1697 with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you during these difficult times.


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