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Woman realizes her wedding dress was lost at the dry cleaners 14 years ago

"An Ada woman is searching for her wedding dress after she discovered earlier this week that it was missing after a mix up at the dry cleaners 14 years ago. 'I had kept my dress thinking 'One day I'll have a little girl. She'll want to use my dress. She'll want to play in it',' Hogue said. Now, Hogue's daughter plans to get married this May. She found a size 16 satin dress with a detachable train and sleeves. Her daughter posted on social media about the missing dress and has gotten many responses but the dress has not shown up yet." Read about this story here. For their part, the dry cleaners in question have been apologetic and want to assist as best as possible. However, their records only go back 6 years and there is no telling who might have the other dress. It's stunning that it took this long...
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How to remove these common stains from clothing

"12 Candles dripping. Scrape off excess wax with a dull knife. Place stain between white paper towels.Press with a warm iron from back of fabric. Then place stain face side down on clean paper towels and sponge with a dry cleaning solvent. Air dry and launder as usual. If traces of color remain, launder again using bleach (chlorine or color-safe) according to fabric instructions. 11 Aunties kissing. To remove lipstick, scrape fabric stain with a dull knife. Use a dry-cleaning solvent or pretreat with detergent or stain treatment. Wash in warm water and air dry. 10 Chocolates melting. Pretreat with a liquid laundry detergent or soak fabric in warm water using a detergent containing enzymes. Difficult stains may require a bleach safe for the garment." Read about all of the "12 stains of Christmas" here. Many people have most likely heard the parody Christmas song the "12 pains of Christmas"....
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Are eco-friendly detergents effectively at cleaning your laundry?

"Q. If they're free of harsh ingredients like synthetic surfactants, are eco-friendly detergents effective cleaners? A. Instead of relying on synthetic ingredients to wash away dirt and grime, eco-friendly formulas utilize plant-based components to clean clothing. If a label lists surfactants as an ingredient, worry not, there are a variety of plant-based ingredients -- coconut, for example -- that act as surfactants and are capable of ridding garments of stains. Q. Are there other ways to reduce my environmental impact while doing laundry? A. Absolutely. Are your laundry room appliances energy-efficient? Check that they're Energy Star certified and use them mindfully. Use cold water when washing clothes and use your dryer sparingly, since it produces a hefty amount of CO2." Read more about eco-friendly detergents here. If you're concerned about the environment and would like to use such detergents, there are several options available. Obviously, you want to do your part...
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