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Assessing your laundry habits and knowing what and when to clean

"See how your laundry habits stack up against the advice of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute by answering the 10 questions below. We've gone room by room breaking down how often your stuff should get a spin in the machine — including some things you've probably never even thought about washing at all. 5. What about your bath towels? WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Wash every three or so uses." To see the full list for best laundry habits and advice, go here. Doing laundry doesn't have to feel like a chore! Like any habit, doing something on a regular basis will become second nature and blend into your schedule without disrupting other life events. We often take for granted what machines do for us rather than the handwashing that was commonplace decades ago. Of course, at My Pilgrim Cleaners, we realize your time is precious. Visit our clothing care...
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High school principal aims to stop bullying with newly created laundry room

"A New Jersey high school principal is making headlines for his unique approach to combatting bullying and absences simultaneously. The strategy? A laundry room. Akbar Cook, who reportedly started the job two weeks ago, said some West Side High School students in Newark were missing as many as five days a month because they were bullied for wearing dirty clothes. The five washers and dryers were installed in an old locker room and will be open to students for free after school Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting Aug. 27, according to WABC." Read the article and watch the video here. It's unfortunate that some students would resort to bullying others because of dirty laundry. It is often taken for granted and as a right to have one's clothes cleaned on a regular basis. Some families that are scarping by don't have that luxury all the time. At My Pilgrim Cleaners, we feel...
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The dry cleaning process and history explained in detail

"Despite the name, dry cleaning is a process that uses liquids other than water to clean clothes, bedding, upholstery and other types of fabrics. Water can damage certain fabrics — such as wool, leather and silk — and a washing machine can wreak havoc on buttons, lace, sequins and other delicate decorations. Enter dry cleaning. Dry cleaning chemicals Dry cleaners use a variety of solvents to clean fabric. Early solvents included gasoline, kerosene, benzene, turpentine and petroleum, which were very flammable and dangerous, according to the State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners (SCRD), a group whose members share information about cleanup programs. The 1930s saw the development of synthetic, nonflammable solvents — such as perchloroethylene (also known as perc or PCE) and decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (also known as GreenEarth) — which are still used today." Read the full article here. This an excellent overview on dry cleaning and the history of dry cleaning in...
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