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Make your own laundry detergent with these ingredients

"It's really easy to do and it saves a lot of money, and quite frankly, I think my clothes are softer with it. But let's remember the bottom line here: You can wash a load of clothes for pennies. Seriously. Pennies. Here are our three main ingredients. There's Borax, washing soda and a bar of laundry soap. All of these can be found in the grocery store. Now, about soap. You can use old-fashioned Ivory soap. Or, try Zote or Fels-Naptha. I have Dr. Bronner's bar soap because I got a bunch on sale. And they come in different scents which is nice."
Recipe Borax - 1 cup Washing Soda - 1 cup 1 bar of laundry soap
Read more on this recipe here. The soap bar will need to be grated, but other than that it's an easy recipe to make! Apparently, doing some math, you can...
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Would you spend $1000 for a laundry folding machine?

"How much would you pay to have a robot fold your laundry? California-based robotics start-up FoldiMate hopes the answer to that question is about $1,000. FoldiMate is building a home assistant robotics machine to fold laundry. The start-up showcased a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, but the final product will not ship until late 2019. And it's expected to cost $980, according to the FoldiMate website." Read more on this story here. Supposedly, this machine will fold an average load of laundry in 2 to 4 minutes. This doesn't include smaller items like socks and baby clothes. It also won't fold larger things such as bed sheets. It's a novel concept, but is folding really that much of a hassle that you feel it necessary to spend $1000 on a machine? At My Pilgrim Cleaners, laundry doesn't have to feel like a chore. We have large capacity...
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Local monthly laundry day aims to help people in need

"BILLINGS- It’s a chore most don’t look forward to, but some people in Billings are just happy to have the chance to do their laundry. Thanks to the Junior League of Billings, they are getting some much-needed help with that task. Each month, the organization uses money it raises to hold a Laundry Day—and pays the tab for anyone who needs to do their laundry. 'It’s something you don’t really think about, but it really is a need out there,' says Junior League member Emily Hoskins. 'We bring in the quarters, we bring in detergent and dryer sheets, and whoever needs help we are here to serve.'" Read the story here. When bills start to pile up and there isn't enough money to go around, clean clothes often have the lowest priority. Of course, paying for heat, electric, or groceries obviously take precedence. However, that is not to say having your...
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