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The dry cleaning process and history explained in detail

"Despite the name, dry cleaning is a process that uses liquids other than water to clean clothes, bedding, upholstery and other types of fabrics. Water can damage certain fabrics — such as wool, leather and silk — and a washing machine can wreak havoc on buttons, lace, sequins and other delicate decorations. Enter dry cleaning. Dry cleaning chemicals Dry cleaners use a variety of solvents to clean fabric. Early solvents included gasoline, kerosene, benzene, turpentine and petroleum, which were very flammable and dangerous, according to the State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners (SCRD), a group whose members share information about cleanup programs. The 1930s saw the development of synthetic, nonflammable solvents — such as perchloroethylene (also known as perc or PCE) and decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (also known as GreenEarth) — which are still used today." Read the full article here. This an excellent overview on dry cleaning and the history of dry cleaning in...
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How the world cup unites this dry cleaner’s customers and employees

"Every four years, for the last 40 years, the staff at Champion Cleaners has celebrated the World Cup by touching their neighbors’ hearts while they press their shirts. In a tradition started by original owner Koko Kederian, every World Cup game during working hours is shown on a TV hauled here from the home of his son, co-owner Joah Kederian. Their diverse nine-person staff, which speaks eight different languages, runs from their work stations to the TV to celebrate every goal by every team. Their customers, an equally diverse group that averages about 300 visits a day, pause to watch and cheer and brag about their favorite countries while they dump off their laundry or pick up their suits." Read the full article here. Our customers are like family as well. If you need a professional and friendly dry cleaning service, come visit us at My Pilgrim Cleaners. Call us at 612-861-1697 or...
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Current state of the dry cleaning business

“This report provides a detailed analysis of the Dry-Cleaning And Laundry Services market with description of market sizing and growth, segmentation of market by products & services and major markets, top market players etc. The report recapitulates the factors that will be responsible for the growth in the market in the forecasted period. Dry-Cleaning And Laundry Services mainly involves washing and/or cleaning of clothes and linens and include coin-operated laundries and drycleaners, dry-cleaning and laundry services, linen supply and industrial launderers,” Read more here. Pilgrim Cleaners is family owned and operated too! We care about our customers. Give us a call today at 612-861-1697 or visit our website for more information....
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