Customers of closed dry cleaning business wondering how to reclaim their garments

“Carol Rowley dropped off 10 sweaters at Amy’s Green Dry Cleaning a week ago. When she went to pick them up on Monday, the store at 2608 S. Timberline Road was closed.

She went again on Tuesday. The store was still locked up tight. Rowley drove to Amy’s Green Dry Cleaning on Harmony Road. A note on that door said the cleaner had moved operations and directed her back to the shuttered Timberline store.

“I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do next,” Rowley told the Coloradoan. The five cashmere sweaters and five others she left at the cleaner’s are worth about $1,000, she said.”

Read about this story here.

This isn’t the first time a dry cleaning business has shuttered it’s doors without notifying customers. It’s a terrifying thought to realize that the hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of clothes you sent for cleaning are suddenly unretrieveable. If you’re lucky and persistent, you may be able to reach a former manager who can assist getting your clothing back. Otherwise, you may have no recourse at all!

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