Debunking common myths about laundry care

Myth #1: Using more detergent and water makes for a better clean

False. Modern washing machines are marvels at achieving maximum results while using minimal energy and water. But many people continue to believe, erroneously, that adding extra water or detergent will get clothes cleaner.

Myth #2: Only hot water gets clothes truly clean

Mostly false. If by “truly clean” you mean sanitized, then yes, you’ll need hot water (very hot, in fact). If you’re serious about sanitizing, look for NSF certification, which verifies that 99.9% of microorganisms are killed in a wash cycle.

Myth #3: Detergent alternatives and dryer balls work just as well as traditional products

Mixed truth. Laundry is no stranger to the convoluted, often pseudo-scientific world of green alternatives that carry vague promises of being “natural” and “safe.””

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Laundry has certainly come along way over the last century. Machine washers and dryers have improved in efficiency both in how much energy is used and how clean they can make your clothes. While some people have the luxury and space to have such units in there homes, many city dwellers must opt to take their laundry elsewhere.

At My Pilgrim Cleaners, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art coin operated laundry machines. Large capacity washers such as our 50 and 80 pound machines are able to handle even the biggest loads. Our giant capacity dryers are also plentiful. Visit our self-service laundry page for more information or give us a call at (612) 861-1697 with any questions!


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