Dry cleaning business previously fined for violations accused of contamination risk

“School officials are seeking information about whether a dry cleaning business recently punished by the state Department of Environmental Protection for various violations might have created a contamination risk at the next-door Gates Lane School of International Studies.

White & Brite Cleaners, located yards away from the elementary school at 1256 Main St., was fined nearly $84,000 by the state agency last month for committing air quality, hazardous waste and waste site cleanup infractions, some of which also impacted a house on the property, according to the DEP.”

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Unfortunately, in order to cut costs, some dry cleaning companies take the easy way of disposing and handling harmful chemicals. Based on the previous fines, it appears that this particular company might be doing just that. The fact that they are also in close proximately to a school is especially alarming.

Here at My Pilgrim Cleaners, we take safety and handling of hazadous chemicals very seriously. Our practices and standards have earned us a nomination for the Minnesota Business Ethics Award, twice. To learn more about our services, visit our laundry services page or call us at (612) 861-1697.


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