Local monthly laundry day aims to help people in need

“BILLINGS- It’s a chore most don’t look forward to, but some people in Billings are just happy to have the chance to do their laundry. Thanks to the Junior League of Billings, they are getting some much-needed help with that task.

Each month, the organization uses money it raises to hold a Laundry Day—and pays the tab for anyone who needs to do their laundry.

‘It’s something you don’t really think about, but it really is a need out there,’ says Junior League member Emily Hoskins. ‘We bring in the quarters, we bring in detergent and dryer sheets, and whoever needs help we are here to serve.'”

Read the story here.

When bills start to pile up and there isn’t enough money to go around, clean clothes often have the lowest priority. Of course, paying for heat, electric, or groceries obviously take precedence. However, that is not to say having your clothes washed regularly isn’t important too. It’s nice to read stories such as these where a community bands together to help out others.

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