Techie creates shirt folding machine from scratch

“[Ty Palowski] doesn’t like folding his many shirts. He saw one of those boards on TV that supposedly simplifies folding, but it does require you to manually move the board. That just won’t do, so [Ty] motorized it to create a shirt folding robot.

The board idea is nothing new, and probably many people wouldn’t mind the simple operation required, but what else are you going to do with your 3D printer but make motor mounts for a shirt folding machine? The folding board is, of course, too big for 3D printing so he made that part out of cardboard at first and then what looks like foam board.

The side “wings” were easy to manipulate, but the top fold required a little more effort. The machine still requires a manual fold at the end and, of course, you have to put the shirt on the right way for things to work out.”

Read the story and see the video here.

While this is machine is most likely considered a novelty at best, it’s still pretty interesting to see it in action. For most people it makes more sense just to do their own folding when putting away laundry. Although, there are other folding machines that are quite expensive but can handle multiple articles of clothing in a single queue.

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