What steps to take for removing grass stains

  1. “As soon as possible, use an enzyme-based stain remover like Carbona Stain Devils #6 or a bit of heavy-duty laundry detergent like Tide or Persil liquid that contains enough enzymes to break apart the stain molecules.
  2. Completely cover the grass-stained area with a thin coating of the stain remover.
  3. Use your fingers or a soft-bristle brush to work the stain remover into the fabric.
  4. Here’s the key: Wait at least 15 minutes before washing the garment. This gives the stain remover time to break down the grass stain (and any dirt underneath) so it can be flushed away in the washer.

However, if the garment is labeled as dry clean only, don’t try any treatments at home. Take it to a dry cleaner and point out and identify the stain. They’ll know what to do.”

Read more about removing grass stains here.

Grass stains certainly can be troublesome to remove. Even more so if the clothing can only be dry cleaned. However, there’s no need to stress as the team at My Pilgrim Cleaners can eliminate even the toughest of stains.

Call us at (612) 861-1697 or visit our dry cleaning page for more information. We also offer a range of laundry services including commercial service. Chef and lab coats are no problem when you take them to our business for cleaning!


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