Woman realizes her wedding dress was lost at the dry cleaners 14 years ago

“An Ada woman is searching for her wedding dress after she discovered earlier this week that it was missing after a mix up at the dry cleaners 14 years ago.

‘I had kept my dress thinking ‘One day I’ll have a little girl. She’ll want to use my dress. She’ll want to play in it’,’ Hogue said.

Now, Hogue’s daughter plans to get married this May.

She found a size 16 satin dress with a detachable train and sleeves.

Her daughter posted on social media about the missing dress and has gotten many responses but the dress has not shown up yet.”

Read about this story here.

For their part, the dry cleaners in question have been apologetic and want to assist as best as possible. However, their records only go back 6 years and there is no telling who might have the other dress. It’s stunning that it took this long for the woman to realize the dress in her possession did not belong to her. Hopefully, the word gets out and a swap can be done to return the dresses to their rightful owners.

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